Who we are

All Japan Concert and Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (A.C.P.C.) is a music association that consists of promoter companies which organize music-centered live concerts and entertainments. Ever since its foundation in 1988, A.C.P.C. has been an essential body dedicating effort to further development of the live music industry.

At present we have 68 members and 101 associate members. The members are regional promoter companies that hold more than 31,000 live concerts and festivals all over Japan.

What we do

A.C.P.C. works to maximize the interests of its members; and to represent them at a national level both to the public, and to other organizations.

Research study on live / entertainment business

  • Market research
  • Welfare, Safety & Security
  • City promotion
  • Illegal ticket touting
  • Night time economy promotion
  • Assessment of economic effect from outdoor music festivals
  • Establishment of Live/Entertainment Lab Dept.(Since 2016)

Forum / Workshop for discussion of issues of concern

  • Human resources
  • Copyright
  • Working conditions

Education (University of Tsukuba, Showa University of Music, Tokyo University of Technology, TOHO GAKUEN Institute)

  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Lecturer assignment
  • Career support

Strategic Public Relations

  • Periodicals(A.C.P.C. navi/Oricon LIVE STUDY w/Oricon Inc.)
  • Live/Entertainment Terms and Conditions
  • News topics
  • Implications of Disability Discrimination Act

Collaboration / Engagement

  • Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM)
  • Act Against AIDS (AAA)
  • Joint committee with relevant music association
  • Establishment of Entertainment Committee for STADIUM・ARENA (ECSA)(w/JAPAN TOP LEAGUE)

Licensing process substitution

Casualty insurance arrangement

Liaison with other domestic/international music bodies

A.C.P.C. Market Report

The number of concert performances

The number of concert performances

The number of spectators

The number of spectators

Annual sales

Annual sales